Unlocky Locksmiths Saves Client from Costly Lock Replacement

Unlocky Locksmiths Comes to the Rescue with Expert Diagnosis and Cost-Savings in Mill Hill

One Sunday afternoon, a distressed client in Mill Hill reached out to Unlocky Locksmiths for help in opening their door. Within just 20 minutes, Michael, one of Unlocky’s skilled technicians, arrived at the client’s property to inspect the problem. Upon examination, Michael discovered that the key was bending inside the euro cylinder, making it difficult to open the door.

When a Bending Key Causes Panic, Unlocky Locksmiths Brings Relief and Savings

Michael advised the client that the key should turn smoothly in the euro cylinder and any friction might lead to further problems, which could eventually require an emergency lockout service. He assured the client that they had done the right thing by calling Unlocky locksmiths and that they should do so in the future to avoid a broken key inside the lock.

After taking out the cylinder, Michael discovered that the issue wasn’t with the euro cylinder but rather with the gear box from the multipoint locking mechanism. This was a problem that Michael was able to fix without replacing the part, saving the client at least £95, which was the cost of a new multipoint lock. Michael then re-installed the multipoint lock and euro cylinder, both of which were operating perfectly.

Expert Diagnosis Saves the Day in Mill Hill

The client was thrilled that the problem was resolved without having to pay for an expensive mechanism replacement. Michael was pleased that his expertise and attention to detail saved the day for the client, despite initially believing that he might have to replace the gear box. In the end, the client thanked Michael and promised to recommend Unlocky Locksmiths to their friends and family. With Unlocky’s reliable service and cost-saving solutions, the client could rest easy knowing that their locksmith needs were in good hands.

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